Invoke Oracle E-Business Suite PL/SQL APIs from Oracle Integration

Oracle E-Business Suite contains numerous interface integration endpoints which can be exposed as REST services through Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway. To leverage and use these Oracle E-Business Suite REST services to access Oracle E-Business Suite application data, you need to configure the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter as invoke (target) connections.

PL/SQL REST services are one of the available interfaces for use in outbound integrations from Oracle Integration. In response to a request in an integration, a PL/SQL REST service can be invoked to access or update Oracle E-Business Suite application data to fulfill the integration needs.


In addition to Oracle seeded PL/SQL APIs, you can use custom PL/SQL APIs or REST services for your integration needs.

For example, select "Sales Order Services" PL/SQL API in the Web Services page of the Configure Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Endpoint Wizard. The corresponding interface information is automatically populated. This includes the interface internal name (OE_INBOUND_INT) and description.

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After the selection, if one or more methods contained in the selected interface are deployed as REST service operations, after you click Next, the Operations page appears.

In the Operations page of the Configure Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Endpoint Wizard, the selected interface internal name OE_INBOUND_INT is automatically populated.

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For more information about using PL/SQL REST services in an integration, refer to: