1 About the PaaS Service Manager Command Line Interface

Oracle PaaS Service Manager provides a command line interface (CLI) with which you can manage the lifecycle of various platform services in Oracle Cloud.

The CLI is a thin wrapper over PaaS REST APIs that invokes these APIs to support common PaaS features; for example, creating and managing instances for Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle Database Cloud Service instances, and Oracle MySQL Cloud Service or creating and managing applications with Oracle Application Container Cloud Service. The CLI also supports Oracle Cloud Stack Manager, a PaaS tool that automates the provisioning and deletion of cloud environments.

About this Document

This reference provides an alphabetical listing, by service, of all CLI commands. It provides a description of each command along with its required syntax and a description of the parameters accepted by the command. All parameters listed are required unless otherwise specified. Each command also shows a real-life example, with resultant output. Where appropriate, you'll find links to conceptual information for the task performed by the command and to its analogous REST API. As new PaaS services implement the CLI, they will be added to this reference.

Workflow for Using the CLI

The CLI is a service-agnostic tool available by download from Oracle. Once installed, you need to configure your connection to the Oracle cloud.