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Attributes are individual pieces of data in a data object. They can have data related to a customer's profile, behavior, or transaction history. For example, an attribute can be a customer's first name, the number of times they opened an email, or their last purchase date.

Data objects in the data model are made up of numerous different attributes. The data in these attributes helps create a comprehensive profile of the data object. Attributes can also be used to create segments of customers. Learn more about Segmentation.

Oracle Unity comes with a default set of objects and attributes for your data model that are required and cannot be edited. However, you can add and manage objects and attributes to your data model to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Intelligent attributes

Oracle Unity gives you access to intelligent attributes, which are attributes that collect data from the data model and calculate values based on rules and conditions. Here are some examples of intelligent attributes that come pre-packaged with Oracle Unity:

  • Average order value
  • Date of most recent purchase
  • Most frequently purchased product category

Intelligent attributes remove some of the complexity in managing your data model. Instead of having to collect several attributes and setting conditions on them to calculate a value, you can access the specific intelligent attribute that automatically calculates that same value.

When creating new segments you will see this data in Smart data section under Intelligent attributes.

Learn more about Intelligent attributes.

Attribute groups

Some data objects in your data model may have a large number of attributes. If this is the case, then attribute groups can help you organize your data. When managing your data model, attribute groups allow you to group related attributes together. Attribute groups have attributes from a single data object. You cannot group attributes from multiple data objects. Learn more about Attribute groups.

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