Concatenation transformation

A transformation type of Concatenation will transform the data from the incoming file into a concatenation, where each value is joined together with the delimiter you enter. For example, you could concatenate "Last Name" and "First Name" and store it in an attribute called "Full Name".

To configure a concatenation transformation:

  1. Follow the steps for Mapping source object fields to data model attributes and ensure that all source fields you want to concatenate are mapped to the required data model attribute. For example, to create a concatenation for the "Full Name" attribute, map the "Full Name" data model attribute to the "First Name" and "Last Name" source fields.
  2. Locate the data model attribute you want transformed and click its Transform link. The Transform dialog is displayed, and it shows the source fields (source) and schema attributes (target).
  3. An image of the Transform link

  4. Use the Transformation type list to select Concatenation.
  5. An image of the Transfomration type drop-down list

  6. Fields are shown in the order that they will be concatenated. To change the order, drag and drop them.
  7. An image of the order of fields section

  8. In the Delimiter field, enter the character that will delimit the fields. We support only comma (,), semi-colon (;), or pipe (|) delimiters.
  9. An image of the delimiter field

  10. Optionally, enter a string value (for example, "omitted") to replace all empty or null values during the transformation. If you leave the field blank, then any empty or null values will be displayed as empty during the concatenation.
  11. An image of the replace field for null/empty values

  12. Click Apply.

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