Setting up the import of data from Oracle CrowdTwist

You can seamlessly import engagement and transactional data from Oracle CrowdTwist using the Oracle Unity Streaming API. Once the data is imported, you can use it for Creating segments.

Setting up the import of CrowdTwist data requires the following tasks and must be completed in this order:

  1. Setting up data objects based on the Oracle CrowdTwist schema
  2. Setting up relationships based on the Oracle CrowdTwist schema
  3. Setting up attributes based on the Oracle CrowdTwist schema
  4. Importing data from Oracle CrowdTwist to Oracle Unity

Refer to the Field mapping between Oracle Unity and Oracle CrowdTwist data to review how the data is mapped between Oracle Unity and CrowdTwist when the Oracle Unity Streaming API imports the data.

Important: Please be careful while making these updates to the Oracle Unity data model because these changes are permanent and can't be reversed.

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