Accessing EPM Cloud Identity Consoles

Before you configure your applications, setup your identities in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You'll be directed to a console depending on how you signed up for Oracle Cloud.

My Services

The My Services dashboard is your starting point for managing your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud services. From here, you can view and access your EPM Cloud services, and monitor your billing and service usage. See:

Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) provides identity management, single sign-on (SSO), and identity governance for EPM Cloud services. IDCS integrates directly with existing directories and identity management systems, and makes it easy for users to get access to applications.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (OCI IAM) merges the capabilities of IDCS, and is the access control plane for Oracle Cloud. Oracle Cloud applications are expected to standardize over time on OCI IAM as the native IAM service for the application.

Account Administrator and Identity Domain Administrator can effectively and securely create, manage, and use one of these cloud-based identity management environment for EPM Cloud services.

Creating Identity Domain Administrators and Service Administrators

The Account Administrator can delegate setup and configuration activities by creating Identity Domain Administrators and Service Administrators. See Creating Identity Domain Administrators and Service Administrators

Creating, Deleting, and Renaming an EPM Cloud Instance

An EPM Cloud subscription entitles you to one instance comprising two environments; one to host the test version of a business process and the other to host the production version. When you create an instance, Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM automatically creates these environments. See Creating an EPM Cloud Instance.

While creating a service instance for your EPM Cloud subscription, you specify an instance name, which then becomes a part of the URLs to access your environments. At times, after creating an instance you may want to change the instance name and, consequently, the URLs of your environments. See Rename or Relocate an OCI (Gen 2) EPM Cloud Instance.