3 Administering Narrative Reporting Checklist for Service Administrators

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Welcome, Narrative Reporting Service Administrators!
service administrator role

Here’s a checklist to help you get going with the Narrative Reporting business process on Day 1 of your experience, with links to documentation and other resources.


This checklist is meant to be a general guideline for tasks to be performed on Day 1 after the Narrative Reporting application is ready to use. It is assumed that the Identity Domain Administrator has created users and granted predefined roles, and the Narrative Reporting business process has already been set up. There may be more or fewer tasks required for this role on Day 1, depending on what was already done during implementation, your organization’s requirements, and the application design.

Review and bookmark the EPM Cloud Operations Guide

create an application

Open the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide and review and bookmark the Troubleshooting chapter for resolution information and the Requests chapter for optional updates.

Log in and setup
login and set up

  1. Make sure your browser meets the prerequisites

    Read this: Supported Browsers (10 minutes)

  2. Optional: Enable localization of the user interface

    Read this: Understanding EPM Cloud Localization (10 minutes)

  3. Optional: Enable accessibility mode

    Read this: Requirements for Screen Reading Technology (10 minutes)

  4. Optional: Set up network restricted access

    Read this: Setting Up Restricted Network Access (15 minutes)

Install clients and configure
install client

  1. Optional: Install the EPM Automate utility to access environments over a command window to automate business activities.

    Read this: Installing EPM Automate (10 minutes)

  2. Install available clients as needed, such as:

    • Smart View (may already be installed)

    • Product-specific extensions

    Read this: Downloading and Installing Clients (15 minutes)

  3. Get familiar with the daily maintenance snapshot and set the time that maintenance is performed.

    Read this: Overview of the Maintenance Snapshot (15 minutes)

    Read this: For Narrative Reporting Only

  4. Learn how to back up the maintenance snapshot each day.

    Read this: Backing Up the Maintenance Snapshot (15 minutes)

    Read this: For Narrative Reporting Only (4 minutes)

Set preferences and Connections

set preferences

  1. Optional: Set your user preferences.

    Read this: Managing User Preferences (15 minutes)

  2. Direct connection to an Oracle EPM Cloud data source.

    Read this: Working with Connections and Remote Libraries (3 minutes)

    Read this: Working with Reporting Artifacts in Remote Libraries (4 minutes)

    Read this: Creating and Editing Connections (15 minutes)