Navigating the Mapping Tool

When you open the Disclosure Management mapping tool in Oracle Smart View for Office, a tab is displayed for each of the five taxonomy elements, as well as tabs for Review and Validate:

screenshot of mapping tool is displayed with seven tabs described in following text
  • Concept—Navigate, search, and select taxonomy concepts for mapping to financial statement data. See About XBRL Taxonomy Concepts.

  • Context—Create, edit, and select XBRL context definitions that provide information about the business entity, a time frame and other optional details for an XBRL fact. A context can then be mapped to XBRL facts. See About XBRL Contexts.

  • Unit—Create, edit, and select XBRL unit definitions that define the measure that numeric data represent. Units can be mapped to XBRL numeric facts. Units cannot be mapped to nonnumeric data. See About XBRL Units.

  • Footnote—Create, edit, and select explanatory textual details about specific data within the report. See About Footnotes.

  • Variable—Create, edit and delete Static and Reference Variables. See About Variables.

  • Review—Opens a review pane that displays XBRL mappings defined in the document. See Reviewing Mappings.

  • Validate—provides XBRL and EDGAR validation. This allows you to validate your documents before generation. If an error occurs, a message is displayed in the Validate tab and the location in the document where the error occurs is highlighted. See Validating with Rules Support.


Depending on the width of the Disclosure Management Mapping Tool, all seven tabs might not be displayed. By default, only the first four are displayed. You can navigate between tabs that are not displayed by clicking on the arrow in the top left or right of the Disclosure Management Mapping Tool and selecting a tab. The Disclosure Management Mapping Tool can also be resized to display all tabs.

Watch this overview video: Navigating the Disclosure Management Mapping Tool in Narrative Reporting Cloud.

video icon Navigating the Disclosure Management Mapping Tool in Narrative Reporting Cloud Video.