Automatic rewards

Automatic rewards are ways to award loyalty members without them having to explicitly engage with the loyalty program site or widgets. They allow you to surprise loyalty members by awarding them for reaching milestones like leveling up in the program, reaching a point threshold, or member anniversaries and birthdays.

Automatic rewards can be granted using the following methods:

Standard Automatic Reward Campaigns

Standard automatic rewards campaigns trigger unexpected rewards (reward codes, digital downloads or extra points) without the deduction of points to a member for specific events. For example:

  • Advancing to a new tier
  • Reaching a point threshold
  • Having a birthday (ability to specify a reward based on a member’s current tier)
  • Enrollment anniversary (ability to further specify a reward based on a member’s current tier)
  • Based on member segments (ability to further define all members in a segment or only members going forward receive a reward; can set frequency caps of the number of times a reward is distributed to a member)

Trigger types:

  • Status-based triggers - Rewards automatically triggered for achieving a specific status/event (e.g. birthdays, points thresholds, tenure, tiers)
  • Purchase-based triggers - Rewards automatically triggered for purchases of specific SKUs or based on product catalog specifications (if configured)
  • Activity-based triggers - Rewards automatically triggered for completion of a specific activity
  • Segmentation triggers - Rewards automatically triggered for being in a specific segment (derived from the Segmentation feature)

Automatic Segment Campaigns

Automatic segment campaigns allow you to link a new or existing segment to an automatic campaign. Members will get awarded as soon as they enter the segment. Use automatic segment campaigns to expand beyond simple triggers like birthday and anniversary and define your own criteria based on a segment.

Example: Create an automatic segment campaign for all members who made 2 purchases and also referred 3 friends in the last month.

These campaigns can award members one or more times over a specific period of time, depending how many times the member enters the segment. The rewards can be coupons, digital downloads, standard rewards, or a point gift where the member automatically gets awarded a set number of points if they are eligible.

Variable Point Thresholds

Variable Point Thresholds provides the ability to automatically deduct points and distribute a reward after a member hits a certain point threshold. Rewards can be sent at the desired frequency or as the member earns the defined point threshold.

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