Editing a content block

Once saved, a content block can be edited at any time.

To edit a content block:

  1. In the Blocks tab, locate the content block you want to edit and click .
  2. Select Edit.
  3. The Block Details tab opens on the left.

  4. You can modify the following settings from the Block Details tab:
    • Block Name: Enter a new name for the content block.
    • Block Description: Enter a description for the content block.
    • Block appears in: Choose whether you want the block to appear in an email, landing page, or both.
    • Note: If a signature rule, form, or carousel is present, the option to select where the block appears in will be disabled. Only generic content can be shared across both email and landing page.

    View-only information such as Created by and Last modified by are also displayed here along with the date and time stamps.

  5. Click if you want to add new content components or layout containers to your block. You can also edit each individual content component such as an image or text in the existing block by clicking on it directly, just like you would for any emails or landing pages.
  6. When you are editing a block, it will show the text and color defaults saved from the original block. However, the default styling will change once the block is added to a new email or landing page.

    Note: You can add a maximum of 3 layout containers for each content block.

  7. There are additional settings available on the top right of the editor:

  • Switch between Full and Mobile views.
  • Use the arrow buttons to undo and redo your changes.
  • If you click Cancel, a dialog will prompt you to save. To save your changes, click Save. To return to the original content block and undo your changes, click Don't Save. To return to the editor and continue editing, click Cancel.
  • When you are done editing, click Save and Close to save your changes.

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