Adding signatures to your email in the Design Editor

Signatures allow you to add personalized sender information to an email. Each salesperson can include his or her picture, signature, personal message and contact information in the email. Signature layouts are reusable and stored in the component library. Learn more about signature layouts.

To add signatures to your email:

  1. With your email open, drag the signature content to the layout.

    An image showing text being added to the email canvas

  2. Click Browse and locate the signature layout you want to add.
  3. After you add the signature layout, click the content block and use the Signature panel to change the background color, padding, and border of the content block. Click Edit to change the content of the signature, or Replace to locate a different signature.

    Tip: Oracle Eloqua validates that the signature is responsive. If there are issues with responsiveness, a notification appears An image of the Notification icon. Click the notification icon to review the issues. You can edit the content from the email or from the component library. As you make changes, review the responsive validation errors in the rich text editor. An image indicating there are no responsive issues indicates that there are no responsive concerns. An image indicating that there are responsive issues indicates that there might be responsive issues. Learn some tips on how to keep your email responsive.


Using the Signature panel, you can change the background color of the signature content block. You can set the color using hexadecimal or RGB values.

Padding and borders

Adjust the padding and borders around the content block using the options available from the Signature panel. Learn more about padding and borders.

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