Oracle CX Sales integrations

Important: Oracle CX Sales was formerly known as Oracle Sales Cloud. All instances of Oracle Sales Cloud have been changed to Oracle CX Sales across the app user interface.

Oracle CX Sales delivers a wide range of functionality that is purpose-built to address the needs of sales executives, sales managers, sales reps, and system administrators to improve effectiveness, better understand customers and business, and build a pipeline for success.

Integrating Oracle CX Sales and Oracle Eloqua aligns sales and marketing activities across the buying cycle by connecting the segmentation, campaign management, and lead generation processes in Oracle Eloqua with lead, contact and account management processes in Oracle CX Sales.

Important: Oracle Eloqua is ending support for the native Oracle CX Sales integration on June 1, 2019. If you currently have a native integration, you should migrate to the Oracle Sales Cloud Integration app.

During the integration:

  • Oracle CX Sales account, contact, and lead data is synchronized to Oracle Eloqua where it can be used to perform segmentation, and to run targeted marketing campaigns to generate new sales leads.
  • Leads generated from marketing campaigns in Oracle Eloqua are nurtured and synchronized with Oracle CX Sales as sales leads.
  • Links to an individual’s digital profile data and to the Engage tool in Oracle Eloqua are available from the Oracle CX Sales lead user interface and from the contact user interface.

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