Working with multi-brand accounts

Important: This feature is only available if it is enabled for your account.

The Multi-brand feature gives you the ability to manage multiple brands for the email channel and SMS channel from within one Oracle Responsys account. Each brand in your account has its own domain, and each brand for the email channel has its own From and Reply-to addresses for the email channel. Each Profile List you create applies to one brand. To create a campaign for a brand, marketers select the Profile List associated with that brand.

For each brand, the Account Administrator must set up properties that identify the brand to recipients. For the email channel, these properties include a branded domain name, and From and Reply-to addresses. For the SMS channel, the Account Administrator can create a short URL hostname for the domain. In addition, the Account Administrator must set spam complaint inactivation rules to ensure that unsubscribe requests and spam complaints are applied to each brand rather than to all brands.

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