Measures for Mobile Apps

A measure is a numerical measurement representing the calculations gathered from your Oracle Responsys account and applied to your reports.

Measures for Mobile Apps

This section describes all available measures for Mobile Apps.

Actives: Number of recipients that had the app open and in the foreground when the Push message arrived.

Active Rate: (Active / Delivered) * 100

Application: Application to which the notification was sent.

Bounced: Number of bounced messages. This includes both hard and soft bounces. "Soft" bounces can occur due to many reasons: message payload issues, incorrect FCM or APNs credentials, Google or Apple server errors, and the like. "Hard" bounces result from the device user having uninstalled the app. Responsys detects app uninstalls through hard bounces. This may affect campaign reporting. Marketers may observe a spike in bounces for some campaigns. When there is a long interval between campaign launches, there is more time for app uninstalls to occur, which leads to more hard bounce errors. Marketers may view the App Uninstall report to see how hard bounces may have affected the total bounce rate.

Bounce Rate: (Bounced / Sent) * 100%

Button Clicks: Number of clicks on a button.

Button Click-Through Rate: (Button Clicks/Push messages delivered that included Interactive Notifications) * 100%

Campaign: Push campaign associated with the notification

Clicks: Number of total clicks on the message. Applies to In-app Message, Rich Push, and Message Center campaigns, because you can only enable link tracking for mobile app campaigns that contain HTML content. Clicks are not generated for message center campaigns originated from a push campaign.

Click-Through Rate: (Clicks / Delivered) * 100%; for Message Center, (Clicks / Sent) * 100%. Applies to In-App, Rich Push, and Message Center campaigns.

Conversions: Number of conversion events. Conversion events are actions that happen in the mobile app based on the Push notification. This metric shows the total for all of the following event types: In-app Purchases, Premium Content (video views), Social Media hits, and Other. You can view the number of each conversion event type in the individual campaign dashboards.

Conversion Rate: (Conversions / Delivered) * 100%

Delivered: Number of successfully delivered messages (that is, Sent - Bounced)

Delivered Rate: (Delivered / Total Sent) * 100%. Includes message center campaigns.

Displays: Number of messages displayed to the user in the message listing within the mobile app message center

Display Rate: (Displays / Sent) * 100%

Distribution: Number of devices on the distribution list at time of launch. Includes message center campaigns.

Failed: Number of failed messages. For Android, failed messages result in a blocked Responsys Program. For iOS, failed messages are those that are not sent; messages to iOS devices are sent asynchronously and therefore the messages do not block the Responsys Programs.

Failure Rate: (Failed / Distribution) * 100%

Notification Action: Type of push notification: rich push, basic push, open URL

Open Rate: (Opens / Delivered) * 100%; for Message Center, (Opens / Sent) * 100%

Opens: Number of notifications opened, including repeat opens. For message center messages, number of times users tap on the message to be deep linked to detailed promotional content. For In-App messages, you must enable "Track In-app Opens" in the In-App Campaign Designer. Turning open tracking on for the campaign enables Responsys to track the number of times the In-App message is displayed.

Operating System: Operating system of the device on which the notification was opened

Program: Program associated with the Push campaign

Responses: Opens + Active

Sent: Total number of sent notifications. Includes message center campaigns.

Sent Date: Date that the notification was sent

Skipped: Number of skipped messages. Includes message center campaigns.

Skip Rate: (Skipped / Distribution) * 100%. Includes message center campaigns.

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