Email Campaign Designer - Working with the message header

Important: Campaign Designer is now generally available. It replaces the Campaign Workbook for all channels except MMS. This change does not affect Classic Campaigns.

To see how the Email Campaign Designer differs from the old email campaign workbook, see Email Campaign Designer changes. For a breakdown of the new Campaign Designer's visuals, see Email Campaign Designer visuals overview.

The message header includes From Name, From Address, Reply to Address, and BCC address (if defined for the account).

The From Name and From Address are displayed at the top of the canvas. To see the Reply to and BCC address point at the header section.

To edit the header:

  1. With the email open in the email Message Designer, click More > Manage Header.

The following header fields can be configured:

  • From Name
    By default, this is the sender name that the Account Administrator defined for all campaigns. You can change this to any name and use Responsys Personalization Language (RPL) to personalize it. Learn more about RPL.
  • From Address
    The email address to which bounced messages are returned. This list includes the email addresses of all account users.
  • Reply To
    The email address to which manual replies are sent. Depending on the way your account is set up, you might be able to enter any reply-to address. Otherwise, your choices are limited to the addresses of all account users. Options are set by the Account Administrator
  • BCC
    If BCC addresses are enabled and defined for the account, you can select the email addresses to which to send the BCC. BCC addresses are managed at the account level by submitting a Service Request (SR) through My Oracle Support (MOS).

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