Emailing an Analysis from Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards provide the ability to email analyses. This document outlines steps required to schedule an analysis for email delivery.

You can email different views of the same analysis in several formats, including PowerPoint, Excel, and CSV.


To use this feature, you must have one of the following roles:

  • Email Analytics Manager

  • SMS Analytics Manager

  • Mobile Apps Analytics Manager

The Account Administrator assigns roles.

Emailing an analysis

The analysis will be delivered from Oracle Responsys Insight, from the address To ensure the email is not placed in your spam folder, you should whitelist this email address.

Follow the "Next steps" below to email an analysis.

Next steps

Step 1: Locate the analysis to email

Step 2: Create the schedule

Step 3: Select an analysis in the catalog

Step 4: Customize the content

Step 5: Select recipients

Step 6: Save the schedule

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