Segment Group Dashboard

The Segment Group Dashboard summarizes details, displays error notifications, and provides links to elements associated with your selected segment group List.

Segment groups divide a List into segments, and provide a better understanding of the composition and characteristics of your populated List values and clientele. You can define rules for a segment group based on attributes of a profile extension table in addition to attributes of a profile list. For more information about using profile extension tables for segment groups, see Creating Segment Groups and Rules.

After creating customer-specific segmentation rules, you can insert and control dynamic content in campaigns, personalize variables in your campaign messages and form documents, or track overall performance of a given segment in a campaign.

To can open the segment group dashboard:

Choose an option:
  • From the List Management page, click Create Segmentation, and create a segment group, then click Dashboard at the top of any Segment Group wizard page.
  • From the Folders page, select the folder containing the List, click next to the Segmentation List name, and select Segment Dashboard.


  • Errors
    Red linked text indicates problems that must be resolved before this segment group can be applied. Click Errors to review details and resolve issues.
  • Linked items and wizard options
    Click dashboard links or wizard menu options to go directly to the related page, and review and/or edit segment group elements.
  • Dashboard drop-down menus
    Click next to an item to make a selection from the drop-down list.

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