Posting Electronic Bills of Lading for Brazil


To access the Brazil Localization SuiteApp documentation in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil), see Brazil Localization.

In Brazil, when you hire a shipping carrier to transport the items that you sold, purchased, or transferred, the carrier must certify an electronic bill of lading, known as conhecimento de transporte eletrônico (CT-e). The electronic bill of lading for Brazil documents the provision of shipping services. The e-document applies to shipping by land, sea, and air.

Brazil Localization enables you to create vendor bill transactions to enter information from the electronic bills of lading you receive from your shipping carriers. Posting the information from the electronic bills of lading you receive can be a legal requirement for your business. Electronic bills of lading contain information relevant for bookkeeping and reporting purposes.

To post an electronic bill of lading for Brazil:

  1. Go to Transactions > Payables > Enter Bills.

  2. In the Vendor field, select the shipping carrier.

    NetSuite automatically populates the Vendor Federal Tax Registration, Subsidiary, and Subsidiary Federal Tax Registration fields.

  3. In the E-Document Category field, select Electronic Bill of Lading.

  4. In the Transaction Nature field, select Aquisição de Serviço de Transporte.

  5. Fill the required information in the vendor bill transaction form.

    For more information, see Entering a Vendor Bill.

  6. Add expenses and items.

    1. Click the Expenses and Items subtab.

    2. Click the Expenses or Items subtab.

    3. When adding the expenses and items, in the CFOP Code column, select the Código Fiscal de Operação e Prestação (CFOP) code that identifies the type of transaction.

      If you associated the selected e-document category with a transaction nature record, NetSuite automatically populates the CFOP code with the appropriate default option. You can change it to a more suitable CFOP code, according with the type of transaction you're performing. For more information, see Setting Up Transaction Natures for Brazil.

  7. Enter the shipping information.

    1. Click the Shipping subtab.

    2. In the Type of Shipping Service field, select the type of shipping services you hired from the shipping carrier.

    3. In the Shipment Nature Indicator field, select the nature of the shipping you hired.

      For example, indicate whether it was hired for a purchase or a sale, or for a transfer between companies.

  8. Enter the e-document information.

    1. Click the E-Document subtab.

    2. In the Access Key field, enter the access key that the tax authority assigned to the electronic bill of lading.

    3. In the Certified E-Document Series field, enter the series of the electronic bill of lading.

    4. In the Certified E-Document Number field, enter the number that the tax authority assigned to the electronic bill of lading.

    5. In the Certification Date field, enter the date when the tax authority certified the electronic bill of lading.

  9. Click Save.

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