Tax Reporting Framework Localization Requirements

Tax Reporting Framework works in conjunction with other SuiteTax SuiteApps and localization SuiteApps to generate localized tax reports. Check the following table to know which SuiteApps you need to install to generate a specific country tax report.

This topic is for accounts with SuiteTax. For accounts without SuiteTax, see Tax Reporting Framework Support For Accounts Without SuiteTax.


For country tax reports in the EMEA region, you must install the EMEA Localization SuiteApp first before the country-specific localization SuiteApp. For more information, see EMEA Localization.


Country Tax Report

Required SuiteApp


Business Activity Statement

SuiteTax Country Tax Reports APAC


Periodic VAT Return 625

Annual Client Listing 725

Belgium Intrastat

EU Sales List 723

  1. EMEA Localization

  2. Belgium Localization


Periodic VAT Return CA3

Declaration of Exchange of Goods (DEB)

European Services Declaration (DES)

Fichier d’Ecritures Comptables (FEC) in France Localization

  1. EMEA Localization

  2. France Localization


Germany Periodic VAT Return - USt 1A

Germany Intrastat Report

Germany Recapitulative Statement

  1. EMEA Localization

  2. Germany Localization


    The Germany Localization SuiteApp is a beta feature. Contact NetSuite Customer Support for assistance.

Germany Audit Files: GoBD Data Extract

SuiteTax EMEA Audit Files


Ireland VAT Report: Periodic VAT Return – VAT3

Ireland VAT Report: Return of Trading Details

Ireland Intrastat Report

Ireland EC Sales List


India Goods and Services Tax (GST) Reporting

Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) Reporting

India Localization SuiteTax Reports


Mexico Audit Files: Electronic Accounting Files

Mexico Localization SuiteApp Installation


Netherlands Periodic VAT Return OB69

Netherlands Intrastat Report

Netherlands EC Sales List

  1. EMEA Localization

  2. Netherlands Localization

New Zealand

GST Return 101A

SuiteTax Country Tax Reports APAC


Philippines VAT Report: Monthly Return Form 2550M

Philippines VAT Report: Quarterly Return Form 2500Q

Philippines VAT Report: Quarterly Summary Lists of Sales and Purchases

SuiteTax Country Tax Reports APAC


Singapore GST Report: Return Form F5

SuiteTax Country Tax Reports APAC


Sweden VAT Report: Return Form SKV4700

Sweden Intrastat Report

Sweden EC Sales List

  1. EMEA Localization

  2. Sweden Tax Reports SuiteApp

United Kingdom

Periodic VAT return – VAT100

United Kingdom Intrastat Report

United Kingdom EC Sales List

  1. EMEA Localization

  2. United Kingdom Localization

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