Automatic Tax Code Provisioning Workaround

If your subsidiary and nexus have been created before the International Tax Reports SuiteApp is installed, you can activate the Automatic Tax Code Provisioning feature by running the Create Tax Code SS script. This workaround can be applied to all countries being supported by the International Tax Reports SuiteApp. To check the list of supported countries, see VAT/GST Reports.


You must have an Administrator role to run the Create Tax Code SS script.

To create tax codes using the Create Tax Code SS script:

  1. Go to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments.

  2. On the Script Deployments page, click the Edit link next to the Create Tax Code SS (customdeploy_create_taxcodes_ss) script.

  3. On the Parameters subtab, select your nexus in the Tax Code Nexus field.

  4. Click Save and Execute in the Save button dropdown menu.

After performing these steps, the tax codes are automatically created based on the selected nexus. If you already have created tax codes in your subsidiary, the script will check for duplicates and will not provision or overwrite the existing tax code. To check and view tax codes, go to Setup > Accounting > Tax Codes.

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