NetSuite Basics Overview

Welcome to NetSuite!

NetSuite Basics includes information about the tasks that are common to most NetSuite users, regardless of their roles. When you log in to NetSuite, you see a set of tabbed pages. NetSuite calls these tabbed pages a center. Your assigned role determines which center you see.

For more information about working with the NetSuite user interface, see Navigating NetSuite.

For information about logging in and changing your password, see Logging in to NetSuite.

Instructions for specialized tasks are contained in other parts of the NetSuite documentation. For more information, see NetSuite Documentation Overview.

This overview section of NetSuite Basics includes information about the browsers you can use to work in NetSuite. See Supported Browsers for NetSuite.

Instructions for finding your NetSuite account ID are also included here. See Finding Your NetSuite Account ID.

Links to the major sections of NetSuite Basics are included in the Related Topics below.

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