Marketing Automation Overview

The ability to bring in new leads and to extend offers to existing customers is essential to any business. With NetSuite's marketing tools, your marketing department can manage lead generation and campaigns efficiently and effectively.

NetSuite combines all the tools you need to manage your marketing efforts in one integrated system. You can:

Lead Capture

NetSuite can handle a variety of lead generation procedures. You can import lists of leads using CSV or XML files, or enter records manually. You can also capture leads using online customer forms.

Online customer forms are customizable entry forms that create new lead, prospect, or customer records when they are submitted. You can choose which information you want to capture for each lead, and customize the look and feel of the form.

Additionally, you can determine what NetSuite does with the information you gather. You can choose the kind of record created (lead, prospect, customer), and designate which URL the record is taken to after form submission.

Avoid the creation of duplicate lead records to ensure that NetSuite accurately tracks lead generation. To avoid creating multiple records for the same lead, you can choose to update existing records instead of creating new ones. To do this, select a field you want NetSuite to search for. When the information in this field matches an existing record, that record is updated with the information entered on the form.

For example, the Wolfe Electronics marketing manager creates an online lead form that has fields for Company Name, Email Address, and State. The manager sets the Email Address field to search for matching records. If the email address entered matches the email address on an existing record, the existing record is updated. NetSuite does not create a new record.

Each lead is assigned a lead source that indicates which campaign generated the lead. You should maintain this lead source information to tie revenue to campaigns. Accurate lead source information provides analysis into which campaigns produce the most leads.

For more information on lead generation, see Capturing Leads.

Manage Campaigns

Managing marketing campaigns has never been easier. With a few steps, you can create and execute campaigns that give you maximum visibility into the impact each campaign has on your business. NetSuite's reports and KPIs provide a comprehensive look into your marketing campaigns.

You can effectively track lead source data, return on investment (ROI) and campaign response for entire campaigns as well as individual campaign events. For information on setting up your campaigns to maximize visibility into key marketing metrics, see Campaign Overview. For tips to carry out different kinds of campaigns, see Managing Campaigns.

Email Campaigns

NetSuite uses templates that you can create and customize to generate campaign email. CRMSDK tags enable you to include information that is personalized to each recipient. Also, NetSuite automates tracking ROI, lead source, and campaign response for email campaign events. For more information on email campaigns, see Email Marketing Campaigns.

Paid Keywords

If you purchase keywords from Internet search engines, you can use keyword campaigns to determine how customers find your website. Common internet search engines include Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored Search.

NetSuite tracks the revenue generated by paid keywords through the Lead Source field on sales transactions. The tracked revenue enables you to calculate return on investment (ROI).

Keyword campaigns track the paid keywords, search engines, and target audience. These campaigns also track the URL associated with the keyword search results. For more information on how to manage your paid search keywords, see Paid Search Marketing.


The Upsell Manager enables you to identify customers who provide a good opportunity for upsell.

The Upsell Manager measures the correlation between the items that customers purchase. It then provides a list of customers, and an item or set of items they might purchase. For more information, see Upsell Manager.

Intelligent Recommendations

The Intelligent Recommendations feature uses artificial intelligence algorithms to calculate and display items your customer may be interested in buying. The algorithms use data such as:

For more information, see Intelligent Recommendations.

Campaign Analysis

NetSuite includes a full set of standard marketing reports, such as the Campaign ROI and Campaign Response reports. You can customize reports to meet the needs of your business. For example, you can add columns of data or display a report as a bar graph or pie chart.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide immediate updates on your campaigns when you first log in to your NetSuite account. You can view your data in real time as orders are received, or as campaign email is viewed.

In addition to reports, you can use NetSuite's search tools to create reports of your own design. You can show the results of searches on your Dashboard or add links to search results.

For more information, see Marketing Reports.

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