Google Analytics with ShopFlow and Site Builder

ShopFlow and Site Builder only support basic Google Analytics functionality such as page hits and geolocation data. Site Builder does not feature a data layer that supports Google Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 (GA4) so advanced tracking, like ecommerce tracking, is not possible.

To implement Google Analytics on a Site Builder website, see the following help topics:

Configure Google Analytics 4 for ShopFlow and Site Builder

See the following topics for information about setting up a GA4 account for your Site Builder site:

Add GA4 Tracking Code to ShopFlow and Site Builder

Place the code snippet provided by Google Tag Manager (GTM) or GA4 into the Addition to <head> field on the Analytics tab of the website setup record for all your websites.

If you already use GTM, you may not need to replace any code snippets. You will need to add the new service to GTM.

To add the GA4 tracking code to Site Builder:

  1. Go to Commerce > Websites > Website List.

  2. Click the Edit link for next to your Site Builder Site.

  3. Go to the Analytics tab.

  4. Paste the GTM or GA4 code snippet, including your GA4 tracking code, into the Addition to <head> field.

    The following example shows what your code snippet might look like:

    Google Analytics code snippet
  5. Check the Enable Google Analytics Integration box.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Repeat steps 1 through 7 for all your websites.

Enable GA4 for Checkout

If you want to use Site Builder with Checkout, enable GA4 in the checkout application by setting your GA4 tracking ID and checkout domain in the checkout application. After it is implemented, GA4 enables you to track website activities from the homepage of your website to your purchase confirmation page.

To enable GA4 for checkout:

  1. Go to Commerce > Websites > Configuration.

  2. Select your website and domain and click Configure.

  3. Go to the Integrations tab and the Google Analytics 4 subtab.

  4. Set feature properties as required. For more information about each configurable property, see Google Analytics 4 Subtab.

  5. Click Save.

GA4 with Site Builder with SiteBuilder Extensions and an External Site

If you use an External Site (WSDK) with your Site Builder with SiteBuilder Extensions website, place the same GA4 tracking code on your external site that you placed in the Site Builder site setup record. Because the external site is a third-party site, the method that you use for placing the tracking code on your website varies depending on how and where your third-party site is hosted. The tracking code needs be placed on your site before the closing </head> tag.

Many content management systems have an addition to head option for this purpose. Ideally, addition to head is at the site level, so that the tracking code is automatically placed on every page. In some instances, addition to head is at the page level. In which case, you need to place the tracking code on all pages.

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