Supported Authenticator Apps

You should use an authenticator application for roles that require 2FA. You can select an authenticator app from the vendor of your choice, as long it complies with the OATH TOTP standard. The following mobile phone apps are suggested:

Download the appropriate authenticator app for your device to get started.


The authentication application you choose must support the OATH TOTP, the IETF RFC 6238 standard. OATH is the Initiative For Open Authentication. TOTP means time-based one-time password. IETF is the Internet Engineering Task Force.

For more information, see the following topics:

If you lost your device, buy a new one, change your phone number, change your authenticator app, or change your verification code delivery method, you must reset (clear) your 2FA settings in NetSuite. See Reset Your 2FA Settings. See also If You Lost or Replaced the Phone You Use for 2FA


Do not install the authenticator app on the same device that you use for logging in to NetSuite.

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