If You Lost or Replaced the Phone You Use for 2FA

If you have a 2FA-required role in NetSuite, you use a phone to obtain verification codes. If you lost your phone, or purchase a new phone, you must clear the settings (the setup information) of your old phone from NetSuite. After resetting your 2FA settings, you must set up your new phone in NetSuite. Even when your phone number remains the same, you may not be able to transfer an authenticator app from one phone to another. You must set up your phone number in NetSuite and install and configure an authentication app on your new phone.


If you lost your phone, you should remove the phone’s 2FA settings from NetSuite as soon as possible. You may need to contact an Administrator of your NetSuite account for assistance. An Administrator can use the User Access Reset Tool to help you if you are not able to log in to NetSuite.

Before you begin, verify that you have a current backup code available. If you cannot locate your current backup codes, and you are able to log in to NetSuite, generate a new set of backup codes. See Backup Codes for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

To change your 2FA phone setup in NetSuite:

  1. Click the Reset 2FA Settings link in the Settings portlet. See Reset Your 2FA Settings. You may be required to enter a backup code to complete the reset. A backup code is required if you are logged in from a device that is not a trusted device in NetSuite. For more information about trusted devices, see Managing Your Trusted Devices.


    If you cannot locate your Settings portlet, see Finding Your Settings Portlet.

  2. Log out of NetSuite.

  3. Log in to NetSuite with a 2FA-required role. You are prompted to set up your 2FA preferences before you can access NetSuite. See Set up Your Preferences for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). A video about 2FA setup is also available: 2FA Your Way for Users.

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose your primary and secondary methods for obtaining verification codes. See Complete Your 2FA Setup.


    You should choose an authenticator app as your primary method. See Supported Authenticator Apps.

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