Backup Codes for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Backup codes are provided when you successfully complete setup of your 2FA preferences in NetSuite.


Planning a trip to a location where you do not have phone service? Authenticator apps can provide a verification code even when you have no cell service. What if you do not want to turn on your phone at all? You should also take your back up codes with you. Keep your backup codes secure. Do not store them with the device you use to log in to NetSuite.

These codes are associated with your email address and are unique. You are the only person who can use these codes. A backup code is used for verification on login. Each code can be used only one time. You can generate new backup codes as needed. Backup codes do not expire, however, if you generate a new set of backup codes, the previous set of your codes is no longer valid.

You can generate ten new backup codes if you use all your existing backup codes, or if you lose them, or if you feel your existing codes may have been compromised. Generating new backup codes invalidates your previous codes.

To generate backup codes:

  1. Find the Settings portlet on your Home page.

    If you cannot locate the Settings portlet, see Finding Your Settings Portlet.

  2. Click the Generate Backup Codes link.

  3. Enter your password. You might also need to enter a verification code or backup code.

  4. Click Generate.

    Ten backup codes are displayed.


    This is the only time these unique ten codes are displayed in the UI. You cannot retrieve these codes from the system after you leave this window. If you lose these backup codes, generate new ones. Use the link in the Settings portlet. You may need a backup code if, for example, you must set up a different phone. For more information, see Reset Your 2FA Settings.

    Generate 2FA Backup Codes page
  5. Click the printer icon to print the backup codes, if needed.


    Treat backup codes as securely as you would treat a password. Do not store your codes with the device you use to log in to NetSuite.

    Print icon on the Your Backup Codes page.
  6. Click Continue to return to the NetSuite UI.

Each time you use one of your backup codes, you receive an email notification that one of your codes was used.


If you lose your phone, buy a new phone, or change your authenticator app, you must reset (clear) your 2FA settings in NetSuite. See Reset Your 2FA Settings. After the reset is completed, you must start the 2FA setup process from the beginning.

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