Managing Your Trusted Devices

When you are providing a verification code for logging in to NetSuite, take notice of the Trust this device... text on the Logging in to... page. The text specifies the length of time that a device can be trusted. The length of time is configured by your administrator for your 2FA role. If you will use this device often to log in, you should check the box to the left of the text. Checking this box means you will not have to provide another verification code for the period of time that your administrator specified for this role. This trusted device time period can range from hours to days.

You can always remove the trust from this device, or from all of your devices, if needed. For example, if you lose or replace a device, you should remove the trusted status from that device. You can also restore the 2FA challenge for devices at any time. You have complete control over the management of your devices.

Marking a Device as Trusted When Logging in

See the following procedure for detailed instructions on how to make a device trusted during a login.

To mark a device as trusted when logging in:

  1. Log in with a role that requires 2FA. Enter your email address and password on the NetSuite login page, and click Log In.

    After that step is successful, you are prompted for a verification code.

  2. On the Logging in to ... page, enter the verification code.

  3. Check the Trust this device for ... box, if desired.

  4. Click Submit.


You might have access to NetSuite accounts for more than one company. Marking a device as trusted for a 2FA authentication required role makes that device trusted across all of the companies to which you have access.

Managing Devices Marked as Trusted

See the following procedure for detailed instructions on how to manage devices marked as trusted.

To manage trust for your devices:

  1. Find the Settings portlet on your Home page. If you cannot locate the Settings portlet, see Finding Your Settings Portlet.

  2. Click Manage Trusted Devices.

    Manage Trusted Devices page

    In this example, you had previously marked a device as trusted upon login. Now you have changed your mind.

  3. To reverse your earlier choice, select one of the Restore 2FA ... options.

    Remember that when the 2FA challenge is restored for a device, the next time you log in, you must have your authenticator app, your phone, or one of your backup codes available.

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