The Blog extension lets you create blog posts for your website using Site Management Tools (SMT). You can add posts with images, include post excerpts, and organize posts with categories and tags.

You can create a blog spotlight to highlight selected posts on additional areas of your site. Use an RSS feed to increase customer interaction with your blog and enable JSON-LD to improve search engine optimization.


Commerce extensions are only available if installed and activated for a selected domain in your account. For more information, see Commerce Extensions.


This extension requires SuiteCommerce or the 19.1 release of SCA or later.

Activating the Blog extension makes four new components available on your site:


You can add a menu item to your website so that users can visit the blog directly using site navigation. To add a menu item for the blog, go to Commerce > Websites > Configuration. In the Layout tab, Navigation subtab, set the fields to create a blog menu item.

This topic explains how to:


The Blog Legacy extension is no longer supported by NetSuite. If you are currently using Blog Legacy, you should migrate the contents of your blog to the Blog extension. For more information on using Blog Legacy or migrating from Blog Legacy to Blog, see Blog Legacy.

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