Customer Group Performance

When you use a dynamic customer group to define audience eligibility on SuitePromotions, the Customer Group Preferences subtab appears on the promotion record. Here you can configure how the customer group is handled when evaluating the promotion’s eligibility. The options provide you with a choice between better performance or more accurate results.

Dynamic customer groups are cached periodically to update membership. This also ensures the data is retrieved quickly every time a promotion that uses a dynamic customer group is evaluated on a transaction. However, if you have a dynamic customer group that frequently changes, it is possible that recent updates to this group are not taken into consideration when a promotion is evaluated.

For example, you may set up a customer group that determines group membership based on the State address field. When a new customer located in that state registers in your website, they are automatically added to the customer group. Since new users may register on your website at frequent intervals, it may be more effective to run the customer group each time a promotion is applied to ensure any new users can benefit from the promotion immediately. For example, if you create a promotion that offers new users 10% off their first order when they register.

You can select one of the following options for each promotion targeting dynamic customer groups:

When a new promotion is created, the caching process automatically runs after the promotion is saved. The results of the customer group are cached again after 4 hours. For example, if a customer is added less than four hours after caching the customer group, the customer is not eligible for the promotion. You can manually trigger the caching process by clicking the Update Now link that appears under the Customer Group field on the Audience subtab.


If you choose the run the customer group when the promotion is applied, you should test the promotion before making it available. If the customer group relies on a saved search with complex criteria, the promotion may take longer to run.

For more information, see Setting SuitePromotion Eligibility by Customer Group.

To manage customer group performance on promotions targeting dynamic customer groups:

  1. On the Audience subtab, select the Specific Customers option.

  2. Select the dynamic customer group in the Customer Group field.

  3. Click the Customer Group Preferences subtab and choose the customer group option you require.

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