Setting Up Preferences for China Voucher List

The following describes the options and features of the China Voucher List preferences page.

For more information, see Generating the China Voucher List.

Set Up China Voucher List Preferences

You can set printing preferences for generating the China Voucher List. You can set templates, data sources, and whether to print Location/Department/Class and/or Vendor/Customer/Employee in your voucher list.

To Set Up China Voucher List Preferences:

  1. Go to Setup > China Localization > Preferences > Voucher List tab.

  2. You can set up the following features under the Voucher List tab:

    • Select the maximum volume of loaded vouchers in the Max Loaded Transactions (100–5000) field.. The volume is set to the default 500 if you skip this preference

    • Select the printing template:


      The voucher templates prefixed with New have an increased character limit for the account description column and memo column. These templates also have the ability to include entity data in each line item.

      • Single Currency Double Vouchers On A4

      • Single Currency Single Voucher On A4

      • Single Currency Single Voucher On A5

      • Multi-currencies Double Vouchers On A4

      • Multi-currencies Single Voucher On A4

      • Multi-currencies Single Voucher On A5

      • New Multi-currencies Double Vouchers On A4

      • New Multi-currencies Single Voucher On A4

      • New Multi-currencies Single Voucher On A5

      • Custom Template – You can create a custom template using freemarker and use it when printing your voucher list. For your data sources, saved search is used.

        • In the Search field, select the name of the custom template you have uploaded.

        • In the Select a Saved Search As Data Source drop down, select a saved search. For more information on saved searches, see Saved Searches.

    • Choose to print Location/Department/Class for single currency templates.

    • Include Vendor/Customer/Employee on your reports.


The Location/Department/Class and Vendor/Customer/Employee boxes for Multiple Currency template can only be selected when using A4 single voucher or one of the new multiple currency templates.

Note that these preferences only apply to the China Voucher List. The set preferences do not impact the China Voucher Printing Report. For details on generating accounting voucher printouts, see Generating China Voucher Printing Report.

Customizing China Voucher List Templates

You can customize or upload a customized China Voucher List Template to use when printing the China Voucher List. The following layout elements are supported for adjustment:

Once you have customized your template, upload it to your file cabinet. It should be saved in the 自定义凭证模板_中国本地化 folder.


Ensure that you define self-built templates for the china voucher list. Any malformed templates will produce an error when generating or printing your voucher list.

General Notices