Connect Schema


This applies to the data source only.

Support ends for the data source in 2025.1, and it will be removed in 2026.1. Start transitioning to the as soon as possible to avoid disruption when this change occurs.

The following tables describe the Connect schema available to external reporting tools when you work with the Connect Service and the data source. For each Connect table, exists a list of the names of columns included in the table, column descriptions, and a list of keys, if applicable.

The best way to explore the Connect Schema is to view the standard tables and columns in the Connect Browser. To learn more about the Connect Browser, see Working with the Connect Browser.

SuiteAnalytics Connect introduces terms that differ from the terminology used for the ODBC Connections for the Advanced Reporting feature.

The following is a list of tables that make up the Connect schema.

In addition to standard tables, SuiteAnalytics Connect includes system tables. For more information, see SuiteAnalytics Connect System Tables.


Additional schema tables are available only if you have the Advanced Revenue Management feature enabled in your account. For more information about those tables, please refer to the Advanced Revenue Management documentation.

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