SuiteAnalytics Connect System Tables

In addition to standard and custom NetSuite tables, SuiteAnalytics Connect includes the following system tables:

The following tables are available in the schema but are not supported:


These system tables can be used to show all columns and tables available in your account and the relations between them.

Viewing the Record Types Available in Your Account

To find all records that are available in your account, you can do the following:


Due to an internal limitation, queries over SuiteAnalytics Connect schema tables that have more than 1000 columns only work if you retrieve 1000 columns or less in the query. This run failure can occur when using the “Select * From” construct to query tables that have many custom fields or when joining multiple tables in a single query and trying to retrieve all their fields. For more information, see Custom Field Limitations.

There are several ways to find the name of the record types and fields available in the data source. For more information, see Record Types and Fields.

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