Manage Jobs

The integration lets you use NetSuite to schedule and execute jobs configured in Data Management and your Planning and Budgeting.

On each job listed at Planning & Budgeting > Jobs > Manage Jobs, you can take one of the following actions.

Action Type



If you are an administrator, you can click this link to schedule the job execution. For information, see Scheduling a Job in NetSuite.


Some NetSuite accounts do not support scheduled jobs. This includes some, but not all, test drive accounts (that is, accounts where the account ID begins with TSTDRV). If that is your case, the scheduling of job execution will not work for you.


Clicking this link takes you to a page where you can manually execute the job and watch the progress of the job execution.

To start executing the job, click Execute on the page. The information banner indicates the start of the job execution, and the Execution Logs subtab shows the status of the job execution. For batch jobs, the execution status of each data load rule included in a batch of jobs is displayed on a separate line.

When the job is running, the Reset Job Status button becomes available on the page. Click the button if you need to terminate the job execution. This does not cancel the job execution in Data Management or your Planning and Budgeting. This resets the job status in NetSuite, and lets you reschedule and execute the job again from NetSuite.


Click this link to access information about an executed job:

  • If the job was executed successfully, you can click the View link, and the content of the log file is displayed directly on the NetSuite page.

    • You can choose between the Full or Summary view of the log file content.

    • You can click the Download button to save the required log file to disk.

    • If an Import Data/Metadata job was completed with Error, clicking the Download link saves the latest error log to disk.

    • The View link is not available for rule sets.

  • For a data load rule or business rule with a plug-in, you can do the following:

    • To download the latest budget data file that was generated in your Planning and Budgeting, click Download Current Planning Exported File.

    • To view all the plug-in execution logs, click Plugin Execution Logs to open the NSPB MR Job Plugin Executor script deployment record. Then, click the Execution Log subtab to see all the logs.

Click Refresh to reload the page and get the current status from Data Management or your Planning and Budgeting.

For each job in the list, the Schedule column shows the frequency of job execution. The Job Status column shows whether the job is Scheduled, Not Scheduled, or has Started.

For each job in the list, the Execution Status column shows if the job was successfully executed or not. The possible execution statuses are:


The execution status is only updated for jobs that you have executed from NetSuite. If you execute a job outside of NetSuite, the status of the job does not show in the Execution Status column.

For further details about using the Manage Jobs menu option, see the following help topics:

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