Exporting and Importing Bulk Translation Content in Site Management Tools

This information refers to SuiteCommerce and the 2021.1 release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later.

With Site Management Tools (SMT), you can export bulk content that requires translation on your web store and import the translated content back into SMT from the Translations tab in Overview Mode. Content includes CMS Pages and CMS Content Types. All formatting, such as HTML content and special characters, are preserved. Content is exported as individual XLIFF 1.2 files and compressed into a ZIP, which can then be sent to a third-party translator. After you receive the translated content, you can import the content back into SMT, review it, and publish it to the language specific domain.

Prerequisites for Exporting and Importing Bulk Translation Content in SMT

To export and import bulk translation content, your account must meet the following conditions:

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