Moving from SuiteBundler to SuiteCloud Development Framework

SuiteBundler is no longer being update. As soon as possible, you should shift away from using SuiteBundler for development and distributions of NetSuite customizations. Instead, you can take advantage of the enhanced capabilities of SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), SuiteApp Control Center, and Copy to Account. To help you decide which of these features is appropriate for packaging and distributing your customizations, see the following:

Develop New SuiteApps

If you are a SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) member, you can use SDF to develop new SuiteApps in a SuiteApp project within an IDE. You can then use SuiteApp Control Center in NetSuite to publish your SDF SuiteApp to the SuiteApp Marketplace and to distribute updates to your customers’ NetSuite accounts. Customers can install or update SDF SuiteApps from the SuiteApp Marketplace.

For information about using SDF to develop custom objects, see SuiteCloud Development Framework Overview.

For information about using SuiteApp Control Center to distribute SuiteApps, see SuiteApp Control Center Overview.

Copy a Custom Object to Another NetSuite Account

For cases where you need to copy an individual custom object to another NetSuite account you administer, you can use Copy to Account to distribute the custom object and its dependent objects to that account.

For information about copying a custom object from one account to another account you administer, see Copy to Account Overview.

Convert Your Existing Installed Bundles to SDF-Built SuiteApps

You can convert bundles that you have built with SuiteBundler and installed in accounts that you administer into SDF account customization projects (ACPs). After these customizations are converted, they are available for further development in SDF from within an IDE or CLI.

ACPs are intended for customizations in accounts that you own, including production, development, and sandbox accounts. When you convert a bundle, converted files are saved in a zip file in the File Cabinet. You can download the contents of this zip file modified as needed. This conversion allows you to use SDF for continued development of custom objects from existing SuiteApps for your own company’s use.


You cannot convert a bundle directly to a SuiteApp project. However, you can convert a bundle to an ACP, and you can copy custom objects from the ACP project to a SuiteApp project within an IDE.

When you are ready to deploy the customizations to a target account, you can use one of the following tools: SuiteCloud IDE for WebStorm, SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio, SuiteCloud CLI for Node.js, SuiteCloud CLI for Java.

To convert a bundle into an SDF account customization project, see Conversion of a Bundle to an Account Customization Project.

For more information about developing custom objects in ACPs, see Account Customization Projects.

General Notices