SuiteBundler Overview


SuiteBundler is still supported, but it will not be updated with any new features.

To take advantage of new features for packaging and distributing customizations, you can use the Copy to Account and SuiteCloud Development (SDF) features instead of SuiteBundler.

Copy to Account is an administrator tool that you can use to copy custom objects between your accounts. The tool can copy one custom object at a time, including dependencies and data. For more information, see Copy to Account Overview.

SuiteCloud Development Framework is a development framework that you can use to create SuiteApps from an integrated development environment (IDE) on your local computer. For more information, see SuiteCloud Development Framework Overview.

SuiteBundler allows NetSuite users to package together groups of objects for distribution to other accounts. These packages are called bundles, or SuiteApps. Bundle authors may be internal developers creating customizations for their companies, independent software vendors (ISVs) distributing solutions to their customers, or administrators making their bundles publicly available through a deployment account.

Two types of bundles can be created and made available for installation:

NetSuite provides an assistant called the Bundle Builder that steps you through the process of creating bundles. NetSuite account administrators and users with the SuiteApp Marketplace permission can use the Bundle Builder when the SuiteBundler feature is enabled. In the Bundle Builder, users define bundle properties and select objects to be included.

After a bundle has been created, the bundle author sets its availability, indicating whether it should be: private, shared among a specified set of target NetSuite accounts, or publicly available to all NetSuite accounts.

NetSuite account administrators and other users with the SuiteApp Marketplace permission can install bundles that have been shared with their accounts or made public. Users can install a bundle directly from another NetSuite account if they have the account ID.

Users can search for a bundle across all locations, including production accounts and sandbox accounts. They also have options to narrow a bundle search to a specific location or filter it by keywords or by bundle characteristics such as Availability, Product, Vertical, and Language.


Bundles are also known as SuiteApps.

SuiteBundler help topics are aimed primarily at users who want to create and distribute bundles. There are also help topics targeted at users who want to install bundles.

For information about how bundle support varies in different NetSuite account types, including sandbox, Release Preview, and development accounts, see Bundle Support Across Account Types.

For information about creating bundles, see:

For information about installing bundles, see:

For information about creating bundles that include custom transaction types, see Custom Transaction Types in Bundles.

For information about adding a custom segment to a bundle, see Adding a Custom Segment to a Bundle.

You can also use SuiteScript to get information about installed bundles and SuiteApps. For more information, see N/suiteAppInfo Module.

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