Custom Transaction Types in Bundles

If appropriate, you can create bundles that include custom transaction types. For details, see the following topics:

For more information about custom transactions, see Custom Transactions.


SuiteBundler is still supported, but it will not be updated with any new features.

To take advantage of new features for packaging and distributing customizations, you can use the Copy to Account and SuiteCloud Development (SDF) features instead of SuiteBundler.

Copy to Account is an administrator tool that you can use to copy custom objects between your accounts. The tool can copy one custom object at a time, including dependencies and data. For more information, see Copy to Account Overview.

SuiteCloud Development Framework is a development framework that you can use to create SuiteApps from an integrated development environment (IDE) on your local computer. For more information, see SuiteCloud Development Framework Overview.

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