Custom Transactions

The Custom Transactions feature lets Administrators and users with the Custom Transaction Types permission create transaction types tailored to your business needs.


Processed lines for custom transaction types contribute to the Monthly Transaction Lines metric that counts toward maximum limits for your NetSuite service tier. For more information, see Transaction Types Included in Monthly Transaction Lines Metric.

This feature, along with Custom GL Lines and Custom Segments, is part of the SuiteGL feature set. For more about the SuiteGL feature set, see SuiteGL Features Overview, Custom Segments, and Custom GL Lines Plug-in.


SuiteScript does not support direct access to the NetSuite UI through the Document Object Model (DOM). You should access the NetSuite UI only by using SuiteScript APIs. For information about using SuiteScript APIs to customize the UI, see SuiteScript 2.x Custom Pages.

Custom transactions are supported in SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). SDF is a development framework that you can use to create SDF SuiteApps, or to customize NetSuite accounts, using an integrated development environment (IDE) on your local computer. SuiteCloud projects are file-based and use XML definitions of custom NetSuite objects. For more information, see SDF Custom Object and File Development in SuiteCloud Projects.

For information about custom transactions, see the following topics:

CSV Import Assistant, SuiteScript, and SOAP and REST web services are supported by custom transaction instances.

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