Custom Centers

Administrators and users with the Custom Centers permissions can create custom centers and apply the custom centers to custom roles. To use the Custom Centers feature, you must enable the Custom Records feature, at Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features > SuiteCloud.

NetSuite Centers determine which tabs and links are available for groups of similar user roles. For example, the Sales Center is shared by the Sales Rep, Sales Manager, and Sales Administrator roles and includes tabs such as Leads, Opportunities and Forecast. For a visual representation of a center, see Centers in the SuiteBuilder Overview section.

Each tab contains links to transactions, lists and setup pages. The links that appear are based on the user's role and the permissions the role is granted. For example, users assigned to the Sales Rep role would not see the same links on the Forecast tab as users with the Sales Administrator role because of permissions granted to each role. However, both roles share the Sales Center.

To create a custom center, you create a center record and then create its custom tabs. When you create custom tabs, you choose the center where you want the tab to appear. The center can be either an existing or custom center. You also choose the links and portlets that will appear in the center. You can customize centers and tabs only if the Custom Records feature is enabled.


Users can use only links and information that their roles have access to. To customize roles, go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles. You must create a new role to apply a custom center to it. To create a new role, click New on the Manage Roles page, select your custom center in the Center Type field and customize your new role.

Be aware that newly enabled feature menu items are not automatically added to custom centers. You must manually add menu items to custom centers after a feature is enabled.


SuiteScript does not support direct access to the NetSuite UI through the Document Object Model (DOM). You should access the NetSuite UI only by using SuiteScript APIs. For information about using SuiteScript APIs to customize the UI, see SuiteScript 2.x Custom Pages.

Custom Centers are supported in SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF). SDF is a development framework that you can use to create SDF SuiteApps, or to customize NetSuite accounts, using an integrated development environment (IDE) on your local computer. SuiteCloud projects are file-based and use XML definitions of custom NetSuite objects. For more information, see SDF Custom Object and File Development in SuiteCloud Projects

Account-Specific Domains in Custom Center Links

You should use URLs that include account-specific domains in all custom center links.

In the past, NetSuite domains contained an identifier of the data center where your account was hosted. Links in custom centers used these data center-specific domains. NetSuite domains no longer include data center identifiers. Instead, the domain identifies your account, not to the data center where your account is hosted. These are called account-specific domains.

When you create custom center links, if you attempt to add a URL that includes a data center-specific domain, a warning message appears. The message suggests an account-specific domain URL to use instead. You should make the suggested change. If you do not make the change, the URL as you entered it is saved.

Currently, a data center-specific domain in the URL will automatically be modified to an account-specific domain in the NetSuite center. The automatic modification from a data center-specific domain to your account-specific domain is applied to your active session. The configuration of the URL does not change. Links that use account-specific domains are faster than links modified in the current session. You should update all links in custom centers to use your account-specific domain.

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