Deploying Upgraded Forms

NetSuite administrators can use the Upgrade Checklist to preview custom forms with 2010.2 Form Layout Enhancements applied. These enhancements include Field Groups and the standardization of form Sublists and Subtabs. After previewing the new layout, administrators can then deploy the upgraded custom forms to end users.

To access the Upgrade Checklist, go to Customization > Forms > Entry Forms [or Transaction Forms] [or Transaction Forms], and click the link in the message area at the top. If you have already upgraded forms in your account, the link in the message area is called Return to Upgrade Checklist.

After you deploy an upgraded form, you cannot “roll back” the deployment. When you deploy an upgraded form, you are replacing the existing form.


As of 2012.2, all standard forms have been automatically upgraded to use form layout enhancements, so there is no need for administrators to deploy upgraded standard forms. Also, if your NetSuite account was established in 2010.2 or later, form layout enhancements are automatically applied to custom forms as well. The custom form deployment process described here is applicable only to NetSuite accounts established prior to 2010.2.


SuiteScript does not support direct access to the NetSuite UI through the Document Object Model (DOM). You should access the NetSuite UI only by using SuiteScript APIs. For information about using SuiteScript APIs to customize the UI, see SuiteScript 2.x Custom Pages.

Review the following to get an understanding of form layout enhancements and the process for previewing, upgrading, and deploying custom forms to apply these enhancements:

See the following for detailed steps:

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