Editing a Bundle

After you have created a new bundle, you can return to the Bundle Builder to make changes as needed.

To edit a bundle:

  1. Go to the Saved Bundles page at Customization > SuiteBundler > Create Bundle > List.

  2. In the Action list for a bundle, click Edit.

  3. In the Bundle Builder, you can do the following:

    • On the Step 1 Bundle Basics page, you can modify basic bundle definitions. You can also delete the bundle. See Deleting a Bundle.

    • On the Step 2 Bundle Properties page, you can add or change the bundle documentation file, modify the bundle description, and modify bundle-specific terms of service.

    • On the Step 3 Select Objects page, you can change the objects that are included in the bundle.

    • On the Step 4 Set Preferences page, you can set bundle object preferences to ensure they are set up properly in target accounts, and lock bundle objects so that installed bundle users cannot make changes to these objects.

  4. When you are done making changes, click the Save button on the Set Preferences page.

    If you do not want to overwrite the original bundle, you can click Save As to save the edited bundle with a different name and a different bundle ID.


    You must enter a different name on the first page of the Bundle Builder (Step 1 Bundle Basics page) to use the Save As option.

  5. You can click a link on the Finished page to make changes to bundle availability. See Bundle Availability.

    If you only need to make changes to bundle availability, you do not need to go through the Bundle Builder. On the Saved Bundles page, you can click Set Availability in the Action list.

If you begin to edit a bundle in the Bundle Builder, go away from the Bundle Builder, and then begin editing the bundle in a new instance of the Bundle Builder, the process is restarted from the first step.

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