Bundle Object Preferences

For customization bundles, preferences are available for some object types. These preferences, which are applied during bundle installations and updates in target accounts, help to properly set up bundle objects. You set these preferences on the Step 4 Set Preferences page of the Bundle Builder when you create or edit a bundle, by choosing from options displayed in Preference column dropdown lists.

You can control preferences for pushed and managed bundle accounts, and you can supply default preferences for other install base accounts. The bundle preference options you choose are applied directly to target accounts during managed bundle and other pushed bundle installations and updates. For other bundles, target account administrators can override these preferences before bundle installation or update.

The following types of bundle objects have preferences available in the Bundle Builder.

Bundle Object Preferences Table

The following table provides a quick reference to customization bundle object preferences:


Options (** = Default)

Applied During


Do Not Update Users**
Update Users


Custom Fields

Hide on Existing Custom Forms**
Show on Existing Custom Forms
updates (if new fields)

This setting is applied whenever the field is first added to a target account. This setting does not affect bundled forms, because all custom fields in a bundle are always shown on all custom forms included in that bundle.

Custom Lists
Custom Records (Include Data only)
Preserve Data**
Replace Data
Merge Data
(for conflicting objects with Replace Existing Objects chosen and for objects to be updated

Custom Segments

Preserve Data**
Merge Data


Custom Forms

Not Preferred**
Preferred Form for Record Type

installations (push only)


Do Not Update Deployments**
Update Deployments


Preferences in Bundles Created Prior to Version 2011 Release 1

Most bundle object preferences became available to bundle authors as of Version 2011 Release 1. After your account was upgraded to this release, any bundles that you created prior to this release have the default option set for each preference. If you want one of these bundles to use any non-default options, you need to edit the bundle in the Bundle Builder and explicitly set the preference(s). See Editing a Bundle.


The preference for dashboards became available as of Version 2012 Release 1.

Preferences in Copied Bundles

Preferences set for a bundle are not applied in an account where the bundle is copied. Note that data is always replaced and script deployments are always updated during an update of a bundle copy. However the preferences set for a bundle are maintained as the defaults on the Step 4 Set Preferences page of the copied bundle, and are applied in target accounts where the copied bundle is installed, unless the preferences are edited in the copied bundle. See Copying a Bundle to Other Accounts.

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