Applying Changes to Published Dashboards

When you make changes to a personalized dashboard that you have published, you can apply these changes to the dashboards of all or some of the users for the published dashboard, based on users' assigned roles.

To change a published dashboard:

  1. Log in with the role you were using when you published the dashboard.

  2. Make changes to one or more of your dashboards that you previously published to other roles.

  3. Go to your home page, and in the Settings portlet, click List next to Publish Dashboard.

  4. Click Edit next to the dashboard you want to reapply to other roles.

  5. On the Apply To Roles subtab of the Publish Dashboard page, you can apply your changed dashboard to users' dashboards based on their roles.

    For each role to which you want to apply the changed dashboard, check the box in the Override existing user's settings column.

    If you checked this box for a role when you initially published the dashboard, this box is not checked now. If you want to apply these changes to that role, you must check this box again.

  6. Click the Save and Update Content button.


    If you click the Save button, the dashboard definition is saved, but the changes are not applied to users' dashboards.

Your changes to this published dashboard are applied to users assigned the selected roles. They may need to log out and log back in to the system for changes to be visible. Depending on your browser’s caching settings, users may need to manually refresh the page for each dashboard that has been updated.

Applying Updates for Bundled Published Dashboards

Changes to a dashboard installed by a bundle may be applied automatically, as part of bundle updates, to the dashboards of users with roles to whom the dashboard was previously published.

Whether these automatic updates to users' dashboards occur depends upon the setting for a related bundle preference. The user who updates the bundle in your account can indicate whether bundled dashboard updates should be applied only to the dashboard definition, or to both the definition and to the dashboards of all users with roles to which the dashboard was previously published.

If the updates are applied only to the dashboard definition, you can follow steps 2-6 above to apply updates to users' dashboards as desired. For information about the bundle update process, see Installed Bundle Updates, Reviewing the Preview Bundle Update Page, and Set Bundle Update Preferences.

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