Publishing a Dashboard

You can share your personalized dashboard with other users in your center by publishing it. A published dashboard can consist of one tabbed page or of multiple pages. When you publish a dashboard, you define the roles for users who will see the published dashboard, and what changes users will be able to make to the published dashboard.


The minimum required screen width size when using a three column layout is 1400 pixels.

Before you attempt to publish a dashboard:

To publish a dashboard:

  1. Go to your home page, and in the Settings portlet, click Publish Dashboard.

  2. On the Publish Dashboard page, enter a name for the dashboard in the Name field, and, if desired, descriptive text in the Notes field. These fields are for your reference only and are not exposed to other users.

  3. If you want to prevent users from removing Shortcuts portlet links on the published dashboard's pages, check the Lock Shortcuts box.

    • When you enable this option, users still can add and reorder links in their Shortcuts portlets.

    • For information about the Shortcuts portlet, see Shortcuts Portlet.

  4. To prevent users from removing Create New menu links on the published dashboard's page, check the Lock New Bar box.

    • When you enable this option, users still can add and reorder links in their Create New menu.

    • For information about the Create New menu, see Create New Menu.

  5. On the Apply To Roles subtab, select the roles to which you want to publish this dashboard and indicate whether to publish the dashboard to new users only or to both new and existing users.

    1. Select a role from the Role list.

      Only roles tied to the center that your current role uses are listed here, because you can only publish a dashboard to roles that share your center. If a role is not listed here, you cannot publish the dashboard to it when you are logged in with your current role. You may be able to log in with a different role, personalize a dashboard, and publish it to additional roles. For more information, see Publish Dashboards Permission.

      Roles that are inactive are not included in the list.

    2. By default, for a dashboard being published for the first time Override existing user's settings is set to Yes, indicating that this dashboard should be published to existing users with the selected role, replacing their current dashboards. Clear this box if you want to publish the dashboard only to new users assigned the selected role.

    3. Click Add.

    4. Repeat the preceding steps for additional roles to which you want to publish the dashboard.

    Only a part of the published dashboard content may be available to some users. Users can view only the dashboard content that their assigned roles give them permission to see.

  6. On the Apply To Tabs subtab, select the tabbed pages that you have customized to be part of the published dashboard, and choose how you want to restrict users' changes to the published dashboard's pages.

    1. Check the box in the Apply column next to each tabbed page you want to include in this dashboard.

    2. In the Mode column, choose the level of restriction for users' changes to the selected page:

      • Unlocked – lets users make all changes to the selected page.

      • Locked – restricts users from making any changes to the selected page.

      • Add/Move Content – enables users to add and rearrange portlets on the selected page, and at the same time prevents them from removing portlets.


      The Add/Move Content option prevents users from removing not only portlets that were added as part of the published dashboard but also the portlets they added themselves.

      For more information, see Restricting Users' Dashboard Personalizations.

  7. Click Save.

    The published dashboard is applied to users assigned the selected roles. They may need to log out and log back in to the system for changes to be visible. They also may need to clear their browser cache.

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