2021.2.0 Release SC/SCA/SCMA

The 2021.2.0 major release includes the following features and enhancements:

These enhancements typically apply to SuiteCommerce, SuiteCommerce MyAccount, and SuiteCommerce Advanced; however, some features could apply to a subset of each. The following enhancements explain the implementations to which they apply.

ACH Payments Available for SuiteCommerce Websites

Applies to: SuiteCommerce, SuiteCommerce MyAccount, and SuiteCommerce Advanced

With the 2021.2 release, website users can select and pay for invoices using an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. Users can also add, edit, or remove ACH payment instruments.

You enable the ACH Payments feature to give website users the option to pay for invoices using the ACH payment instruments.

For more information, see ACH Payments.

The 2021.2 release included the following ACH templates and Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets (SASS):

  • Templates:

    • Advanced/PaymentWizard/Templates/payment_wizard_paymentmethod_ach_module.tpl

    • Advanced/PaymentInstrumentACH/Templates/paymentinstrument_ach.tpl

    • Advanced/PaymentInstrumentACH/Templates/paymentinstrument_ach_edit.tpl

    • Advanced/PaymentInstrumentACH/Templates/paymentinstrument_ach_edit_form.tpl

    • Advanced/PaymentInstrumentACH/Templates/paymentinstrument_ach_list.tpl

  • SASS:

    • Advanced/PaymentWizard/Sass/_payment-wizard-paymentmethod-ach-module.scss

    • Advanced/PaymentInstrumentACH/Sass/_paymentinstrument-ach-edit.scss

    • Advanced/PaymentInstrumentACH/Sass/_paymentinstrument-ach-edit-form.scss

    • Advanced/PaymentInstrumentACH/Sass/_paymentinstrument_ach.scss

    • Advanced/PaymentInstrumentACH/Sass/_paymentinstrument_ach_list.scss

Cacheable and Personalized Endpoints

Applies to: SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced

With the 2021.2 release, the following additional endpoints have been made available for the Item Search API:

  • /cacheable/items

  • /personalized/items

Cacheable or personalized API endpoints are automatically used depending on whether a user is logged in to your Commerce website and whether the personalized endpoint configuration option has been enabled. For more information, see Cacheable and Personalized Endpoints.

Extensibility API Updates

The following components have been updated with new methods in the 2021.2.0 release:

Cart – You can now trigger the add to cart behavior of a web store in an extension with the triggerAddToCartConfirmation() method. When an extension calls this method, it triggers the add to cart behavior that is configured in the web store settings, which gives a visual confirmation to the shopper that the item was added successfully to the cart.

Environment – This release includes a new method in the Environment component which lets you change how the Item Search API works. With the defineSearchMasterOptions() method, you can modify the value of any of the search API master options configured in the NetSuite account. Specifically, it enables you to update the searchApiMasterOptions configuration property of the web store by modifying or adding to any of its child properties. For example, if your extension enhances the PDP (product details page) and requires specific item information, you can use this method to change the field set that is used by the item search API on the PDP.

UserProfile – With the getCustomerSegments() method, you can now determine the customer segments that a website visitor belongs to. A customer segment is a group of customers to which you can assign a personalized catalog view (PCV). Note: To use this method the Personalized Catalog Views feature must be enabled in the NetSuite account.

The UserProfile component also includes two new methods that enable you to create a custom cookie consent extension. The setCookieOptions() method saves a customer's cookie preferences on the customer record. The getCookieOptions() method retrieves the cookie preferences. The SuiteCommerce Analytics Data feature uses the customer's cookie preferences to determine whether the customer's website behavior data can be processed in NetSuite.

PDP – The getPrice() method lets you get price information of the item displayed on the PDP (product details page). Price information includes both the base price of the item and the current price of the item according to the currently selected quantity and item options.

See the Extensibility API reference for detailed information about the updates to these components.

Configuration Properties Updates

Applies to: SuiteCommerce, SuiteCommerce MyAccount, and SuiteCommerce Advanced

The following configuration properties have been added with the 2021.2.0 release. Refer to the appropriate section for more information.

Property Label (SuiteCommerce Configuration Record)

Property ID

More Information

Property Location (SuiteCommerce Configuration Record Tab > Subtab)

Enable ACH Payments


Enable ACH Payments

My Account > Payment Instrument ACH

Enables New Search API Endpoints


Enable New Search API Endpoints

Shopping Catalog

Zoom Level for Store Details


This label was previously called Zoom Level in PDP.


Zoom Level for Store Details

Store Locator > Store Locator

Node.js Requirement

Applies to: SuiteCommerce, SuiteCommerce MyAccount, and SuiteCommerce Advanced

With the 2021.2.0 release, the developer tools continue to support Node.js version 12.21.0. To use the Theme, Extension, or core SCA 2021.2 developer tools, you must use this Node.js version.

For more information, see Install Node.js.

Third-Party Library Updates

Applies to: SuiteCommerce, SuiteCommerce MyAccount, and SuiteCommerce Advanced

The following third-party libraries have been updated with the 2021.2.0 release. Library version information is also included in the distro.json file. Ensure that any themes and extensions using these libraries are compatible with the update. If you are migrating SCA to this release, ensure that no deprecated methods exist in your implementation before migrating.


Old Version

New Version




Issue Fixes

Applies to: SuiteCommerce, SuiteCommerce MyAccount, and SuiteCommerce Advanced

The 2021.2.0 release includes all minor release fixes, improvements, and security updates of the previous release. See 2021.1.x Minor Releases for details.

General Notices