Generic Resources

Generic resource records can be used as placeholders when project managers and resource managers are planning a project in NetSuite. This feature enables resource allocations and project task assignments to be made when a specific resource may not yet be identified.

To create a generic resource record:

  1. Go to Lists > Employees > Generic Resources > New.

  2. In the Name field, enter a name for your generic resource. For example, you could enter Software Developer to act as a placeholder for an unidentified development resource.

  3. If you use Per Employee Billing Rates, select a billing class for this resource. For more information, see Using Billing Classes.

  4. If you use Per Employee Billing Rates, enter a labor cost. This can be useful when creating budgets for projects when resources have not be identified.

  5. Enter a price for this resource.

  6. Select a work calendar for this generic resource. Work calendars are used when creating project schedules and resource allocations.

  7. Click Save.

Your generic resource is now available for project task assignments and resource allocations. Generic resources can be useful when creating project templates. You can save a project template with generic resource task assignments and resource allocations. For more information about project templates, see Project Templates.


If custom roles are used to assign generic resources, the Employee Restrictions field on your custom role may restrict the use of generic resources by some employees. For more information, see Setting Employee Restrictions.

If you also use Resource Allocations, generic resources are available for bulk task reassignment. For more information, see Bulk Project Task Reassignment. Generic resources, project templates, and bulk task reassignment can all be used together to further streamline your project management process.


If you use Resource Allocations and choose only to show allocated resources for project task assignments, generic resources are available to be assigned even when they have not been allocated to a project. For more information see, Creating a Project Record.

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