Order Management

NetSuite 2024.1 includes the following enhancements to order management features:

Uplift Pricing for SuiteBilling

You can now apply an uplift at any point in the subscription term as well as during subscription renewal.

For instructions on using uplift, see Setting Optional Preferences.

Additional Discount Amount Field on Charge Record

The charge record now has an additional field, Discount Amount, which shows the discount amount. Discount amount is in currency, not percentage.

Enhancement to Quantity on Delta Charges

When set, the global invoicing preference Create Delta Charges for Changes to Invoiced Service Periods can generate a Delta charge. A Delta charge occurs when changes to invoiced service periods result in a change to the amount the customer owes. In past versions of NetSuite, the quantity of the Delta charge was always the new, total quantity for the service period. In NetSuite 2024.1, the quantity of the Delta charge is the difference between the invoiced quantity and the new quantity for the service period.

For details about Delta charge behavior, see Setting Optional Preferences.

Commit Plus Overage for Prospective Merge

Commit plus overage is now compatible with the Create Revenue Element for Subscription Revision preference and with prospective merge.

For instructions on setting up commit plus overage, see Setting Optional Preferences. For instructions on using commit plus overage, see Commit Plus Overage Charges.

General Notices