Localization SuiteApps

This release note was updated May 6, 2024.

Following are the 2024.1 localization enhancements to SuiteApps:

ANZ Localization Enhancements

ANZ Localization SuiteApp version 2.0.8 includes the following enhancements:

Added the ANZ Localization Page that Lists the Setup Tasks for the ANZ LocalizationSuiteApp in a Single Location

The ANZ Localization page lets you perform setup tasks, configure reports, and set preferences for the ANZ Localization SuiteApp from a single location. On the ANZ Localization page, when you click a page in the left pane, the right pane shows a preview of the selected page.

You can perform the following tasks on the ANZ Localization page:

  • Enable or disable ANZ features.

  • Configure reports.

  • Access the supplier ABN list.

  • Set general preferences.

  • Set ANZ document printing preferences.

You can access the page from Setup > ANZ Localization > ANZ Localization using the Administrator role or any role with the required permissions. For more information, see Using the ANZ Localization Page.

Added the Enable ANZ Features Page to Enable or Disable Australia and New Zealand Specific Features

The Enable ANZ Features page lets you enable or disable features specific to Australia and New Zealand. To enable a feature, you must have the Administrator role or a role with the required permissions. For new accounts, you can check the list and enable the reports applicable for your business on this page.

You can access the page from Setup > ANZ Localization > Enable ANZ Features. For more information, see Enabling ANZ Features.

Brazil Certification Tax Authorities Enhancement

You can now compare the information from the electronic invoices your company receives with the purchase orders you created.

In the Receiver Acknowledgment page, you are able to view the PDF representation of the electronic invoice next to the purchase order from NetSuite.

For more information, see Receiver Acknowledgment.

Brazil Localization Enhancements

In NetSuite 2024.1, enhancements to Brazil Localization include the following:

Bank Slip Write-Off and Due Date Update

On the CNAB File Generation page, when the file standard is set as CNAB 400, you now have three options to choose from:

  • Generate bank slips

  • Write-off bank slips

  • Update bank slips due dates

Previously, you could only generate bank slips. For more information, see CNAB Delivery File Generation for Brazil.

Discount on the Payment of Sales

You are now able to apply discounts on the payment of invoices. On the Discount on Sales Payments page, you can select transactions and define the amount of discount to grant.

Electronic Bill of Lading

If you hire shipping carriers to transport items, you are now able to post the electronic bill of lading in NetSuite. In Brazil, this e-document is known as conhecimento de transporte eletrônico (CT-e). It is generated and certified by the shipping carrier that transports the items that you sold, purchased, or transferred.

For more information, see Posting Electronic Bills of Lading for Brazil.

Tax, Utility, and Expense Bills

You are now able to enter the information from tax, utility, and expense bills in NetSuite. Posting information from these bills may be a legal requirement. If the bills contain bar codes, you can also include them in your CNAB delivery files.

Brazil Reports Enhancements

In NetSuite 2024.1, enhancements to Brazil Reports include the following:

Download Reports for Brazil in XLS Format

On the Country Tax Reports page, you can now download the following types of reports in XLS format:

  • Accounting reports

  • Assessment reports

  • Auxiliary reports

  • Financial statements

The reports are also available in PDF format. Previously, only fiscal books were available in both XLS and PDF format. For more information, see Generating Country Tax Reports for Brazil and Monitoring the Generation of Tax Assessment Reports.

Posting Period on Tax Assessments

Assessment records now display the posting period that corresponds to the start and end dates you selected. The posting period determines whether the assessment applies to an open or closed period.

If the period is closed, NetSuite blocks changes to the assessment. Generating new assessment reports for closed periods is also not possible.

For more information, see Tax Assessment for Brazil.

SPED Records for Retail Businesses

To support retailers in Brazil, the SuiteApp now includes:

  • The following Bloco C records on the EFD Contribuições file:

    • C860 – Identificação do Equipamento SAT-CF-e

    • C870 – Resumo Diário de Documentos Emitidos por Equipamento SAT-CF-e

  • The following Bloco C records on the EFD ICMS IPI file:

    • C800 – Cupom Fiscal Eletrônico

    • C810 – Itens do Documento do Cupom Fiscal Eletrônico

    • C850 – Registro Analítico do CF-e-SAT

For more information, see Available Statutory Reports for Brazil.

China Localization Update

China Localization SuiteApp version 1.00.27 includes updates to the Roles and Permissions.

The permissions and access type of the following custom record is changed to Use Permission List.

The SuiteApp requires additional permission for the following custom record to be granted to the custom roles used to run the China Localization SuiteApp:



China Voucher Transaction Types


Refer to Customizing or Creating NetSuite Roles for guidelines and procedures.

For Administrator roles, no additional action is required.

For more information, see Roles and Permissions in China Localization.

E-Document Certification Service Renaming

As of version 1.4.13, the E-Document Certification Service SuiteApp has been renamed to LATAM E-Document Certification SuiteApp. The new name will not impact the SuiteApp functionalities.

For more information, see LATAM E-Document Certification.

France Localization FEC Report Enhancement

In NetSuite 2024.1, you can enter the French translations of your custom transactions on the France Localization Configuration page. The French translations are used for the JournalLib and the EcritureLib of the Fichier d’Ecritures Comptables (FEC) Data Extract and the FEC Lettrage reports. By entering the French custom transaction names, you comply with the government requirement to have all transaction names in the FEC report in French.

For more information, see France Localization.

GL Matching Update

GL Matching SuiteApp version 2.03.11 includes enhancements that require additional permissions to be assigned to custom roles that use the SuiteApp.

The permissions and access type of the following custom records is changed to Use Permission List.

The SuiteApp requires additional permissions for the custom roles:



GLM - Job


GLM - Matching


GLM - Sequence


GLM - Tranline


GLM – Variable


Refer to Customizing or Creating NetSuite Roles for guidelines and procedures.

For Administrator roles, no additional action is required.

For more information, see Roles and Permissions Setup for GL Matching.

India Localization Enhancements

The India Localization SuiteApps include the following enhancements:

India Localization SuiteTax Engine Enhancements

India Localization SuiteTax Engine SuiteApp version 7.00.0 includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Country Code Provided for Export Transactions in an E-Document

    To comply with GST Council requirements, the ExpDtls.CntCode tag in an e-document template now displays the country code in the Country_of_Export field. The India Localization SuiteTax Engine SuiteApp derives the country code based on the billing address in an invoice.

  • Modification of TDS Tax Fields Restricted for Vendor Bills

    To prevent incorrect tax calculation, you cannot save a bill or preview tax on a bill if you edit tax fields that impact TDS calculation. To modify the TDS tax related fields in a bill, void the transaction, and then create a bill with the required changes in tax fields. For information about voiding transactions, see Void Transactions Using Reversing Journals Preference.

  • Ability to Create Time Tracking Record Using the Employee Center Role

    You can now create a time tracking record using the Employee Center role. To create a time tracking record, go to Transactions > Employees > Track Time.

  • India Tax HSN or SAC Code Automatically Populated for Items Imported Through CSV File

    The SuiteApp now automatically populates India tax HSN or SAC codes for items imported through CSV file.

For more information, see the following help topics:

India Localization SuiteTax Report Enhancement

Every GST registered taxpayer in India must file GSTR-9 annually. The India Localization SuiteTax Reports SuiteApp version 4.00.0 lets you generate the following reports to file GSTR-9.

  • GSTR9 4 Outward

  • GSTR9 5 Outward

  • GSTR9 6 ITC Availed

  • GSTR9 17 HSN Outward

  • GSTR9 18 HSN Inward

These reports contain details about outward supplies, inward supplies, taxes paid, refund claimed, demand raised, and Input Tax Credit (ITC) availed and utilized.

You can generate these reports from Reports > Tax > Country Tax Reports. For more information, see India Goods and Services Tax (GST) Reporting.

Japan Electronic Bookkeeping Act

Japan Localization SuiteApp version 2023.2.5 provides features for complying with requirements of the Electronic Bookkeeping Act for storing and managing electronic transaction documents.

The new Electronic Transaction Data subtab on transaction records has fields where you can specify details of electronic documents related to the parent transaction. To view the subtab on transaction records, the role that will use it must first have the right permissions. You must grant the role permission levels for Custom Record to edit Electronic Transaction Data and for List to create Documents and Files.

Before specifying electronic transaction documents, you must store them first in the File Cabinet. Then, on the transaction you must specify the following in corresponding fields on the Electronic Transaction Data subtab:

  • document file name

  • document type

  • transaction date

  • transaction amount

  • transaction entity

  • whether the document was sent or received

After you enter field values and save the transaction, an Electronic Transaction Data custom record will be created with the details you specified. This custom record associates or links the electronic document to its parent transaction. Electronic Transaction Data custom records lets you store, retrieve, and manage electronic documents in a structured way. Also, you can search for records by year using a new saved search that the SuiteApp provides.


Your administrator or any role with permission must not edit or delete an electronic document in the File Cabinet that is already specified in an Electronic Transaction Data custom record. This will cause an error when that record or the parent transaction is edited.

For more information, see Support for Electronic Bookkeeping Act.

Japan Financial Statements Enhancements

Japan Financial Statements SuiteApp version 5.0.0 will add the following new financial statements:

  • Japan Comparative Balance Sheet

    This report displays assets, liabilities, and equities in a specified period and in the previous year for comparison. The Comparative Balance Sheet is available from Reports > Financial > Japan Comp. Balance Sheet. To generate the report, select the Subsidiary, Balance Sheet Template, a month and year in the As Of field, and then click Refresh. The generated comparative balance sheet indicates the Year-over-year Ratio (YoY %) of financial data in the specified period and previous year.

    For more information, see Japan Comparative Balance Sheet (Beta).

  • Japan Comparative Income Statement

    This report displays a summary of your company’s or subsidiary’s income, expenses, and net income in a specified period and in the previous year for comparison. The Comparative Income Statement is available from Reports > Financial > Japan Comp. Income Statement. To generate the report, select the Subsidiary, Income Statement Template, a period in the Financial Year, From and To fields, and then click Refresh. The generated income statement also indicates the Year-over-year Ratio (YoY %) of financial data in the specified period and previous year.

    For more information, see Japan Comparative Income Statement (Beta).

  • Japan Trial Balance New

    This new implementation is a combination of the Comparative Balance Sheet and Comparative Income Statement. The report displays the Beginning Balance, Debit, Credit, Ending Balance, and Ratio. It is available from Reports > Financial > Japan Trial Balance New. To generate the report, select the Subsidiary, Balance Sheet Template, Income Statement Template, a period in the Financial Year, From and To fields, and then click Refresh.

    This is a beta version that will be further enhanced and is different from the previous implementation of the Japan trial balance, which only displayed active account balances in credit and debit columns for a specific period.

    For more information, see Japan Trial Balance New (Beta).

Japan Localization Enhancements

Japan Localization SuiteApp version 2023.2.2 includes the following enhancements:

  • Deductible Purchase Tax on Expense Reports and Journal Entries

    Expense reports and journal entries can now be subject to deductible tax. To apply deductible tax, ensure that a tax code with purchase tax rate is selected in the Tax Code field in any of the following:

    • line item on the Expenses subtab of an expense report

    • a debit or credit line on the Lines subtab of a journal entry

    For more information, see Deductible Purchase Tax for Japan.

  • Ability to Overwrite Tax Amount After Deductible Purchase Tax is Calculated

    You can overwrite the tax amount on purchase transactions or journal entries even after deductible tax has been calculated. You should only do this if the tax and amount values on the bill generated by NetSuite are different from those on the bill received from your vendor.

    When you edit a transaction or bill to enter new values for tax and amount, a message is displayed for you to confirm the recalculation of deductible tax:

    • If you select OK, NetSuite will recalculate deductible tax using the new values.

    • If you select Cancel, NetSuite will overwrite the previous values but will not recalculate deductible tax.

    For more information, see Overwriting Tax Amount After Deductible Purchase Tax is Calculated.

  • Set Values for Qualified Invoice Issuer and Tax Registration Number Using CSV Import

    You can use CSV import to set or update values for the Qualified Invoice Issuer and Tax Registration Number fields on vendor records.

    If you set the value for Qualified Invoice Issuer to True, this makes the Tax Registration Number field a required field, so you must provide a value for it.

    For more information, see Specifying Qualified Invoice Issuer or Vendor Tax Exemption.

  • Enhanced Saved Search for Including Credit Memo Line Items in the Invoice Summary

    This version of the SuiteApp provides an improved invoice summary transaction saved search for including the correct credit memo line items in the invoice summary. When you use the saved search, it will include credit memo discount items in the invoice summary but will exclude GL impact line items.

New Spain Localization SuiteApp

The first public release of the Spain Localization SuiteApp (version 1.5.0) introduces the following SuiteTax-based features. Note that you can currently only download Spain Localization SuiteApp from the SuiteApp Marketplace upon obtaining a permission from the country PM:

  • SuiteTax-based tax reporting

    The SuiteApp supports selected operations related to the General Regime section of the following reports:

    • Modelo 303

    • Modelo 349

    • Modelo 390

    • SII for issued and received invoices

    To generate these reports, you must first enable the SuiteTax feature in your account.

  • Visual drill-down and electronic format

    The SuiteApp offers a visual drilldown of Spain VAT reports that you can use to review transaction values included in individual report boxes. Additionally, you can download your reports in a machine-readable format and upload them to the AEAT website.

  • Financial reports for Spain

    The SuiteApp provides the following financial reports for Spain:

    • Balance Sheet for Spain

    • Trial Balance for Spain

    • Profit and Loss Account for Spain

    • Journal for Spain

    • General Ledger for Spain

    • Book of Issued and Received Invoices for Spain

For more information, see Spain Localization.

Portugal Localization Enhancements

Portugal Localization SuiteApp version 2.2.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Required Assignment of Certification Accounting Books for Multi-Book Accounting Users

    You can now assign certification accounting books to your Portugal subsidiaries. If you use Multi-Book Accounting, this assignment is required for successful certification of transactions, QR code generation, and printing of Portugal documents.

  • Inclusion of Billable Expenses in the SAF-T for Billing Reports

    Your SAF-T for Billing reports now include information about those transactions that contain billable expenses.

For more information, see Portugal Localization.

Spain Localization Enhancements

Spain Localization SuiteApp version 1.6.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Updated Boxes and Field Labels in theModelo 390 Report and the Modelo 390 Configuration Page

    The following field labels were removed:

    • Special regime for a group of companies in any period of the fiscal year

    • Tax rate applicable to the special regime: Article 163 sexies (five)

    • Have you opted for the special regime of the cash basis (Article 163 undecies of the VAT Law)?

    • Have you been the recipient of transactions with the applicable special regime of the cash basis?

    The following boxes were added:

    • 96

    • 97

    • 98

    • 662

  • New SII Reporting Status Types

    This version includes the following new status types:

    • Rejected After Resubmission

      Status is shown when you alter a transaction previously marked as correct or partially correct and obtain a new status after its resubmission.

    • Pending Correction

      If you want to alter a transaction previously marked as correct, you can manually change its status to Pending Correction and resubmit it to AEAT.

  • Support of Special Characters and Accent Marks in Spain VAT Reports

    You can now enter words and letters with special characters and accent marks in fields related to name, address, and activity.

  • Classification of Items Based on the Tax Item Type Field

    Transactions items are now classified into goods and services based on the Tax Item Type field on the item record. Filling out this field is required if you want the generated Spain VAT reports to consider your transactions.

Spain Localization SuiteApp version 1.7.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Tax Item Type Field is Required for All Items in Generated Reports

    The report generation process only considers transactions where the Tax Item Type field is set for all existing items. The tax item type assignment does not impact posting and taxable transactions that are not associated with items, such as expense reports.

  • Default Tax Reg. Number Replaced by Entity Tax Reg. Number in Spain Workbook and Datasets

    In this version, your Spain workbook and datasets display the tax registration number selected on the transaction level. This number replaces the previously shown Default Tax Reg. Number field of your customer/vendor.

  • Updated Sourcing for Boxes 99 and 103 in the Modelo 390 Report

  • Updated Instructions for Uploading AEAT Response Files

  • Support of Non-Euro Currencies in Spain Reports

    In this version, the report generation process supports transactions in non-euro currencies. If the Multiple Currencies feature is enabled in your account, transactions in non-euro currencies are converted to euros and included in the generated reports. Additionally, you can also see these transactions in your Spain workbook and datasets.

Spain Localization SuiteApp version 1.8.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Support of Multi-Book Accounting Features

    In this version, the Spain Localization SuiteApp supports the enablement of the Multi-Book Accounting features. If these features are enabled in your account, you can now install the SuiteApp and use its Spain-specific features.

  • Report Generation Updates Related to the Multi-Book Accounting Features Enablement

    If the Multi-Book Accounting features are enabled in your account, your generated reports only source information from the primary book of your selected subsidiary. This is true for all reports provided by the Spain Localization SuiteApp.

For more information, see Spain Localization.

SuiteTax Latam Engine Enhancement

Starting in the first quarter of 2024, the SuiteTax Latam Engine SuiteApp enables you to override a transaction's tax calculation basis and tax rate. Overriding the tax calculation basis and the tax rate may be necessary for specific and limited taxation scenarios. The option becomes available for transactions involving a subsidiary that uses the SuiteTax Latam Engine tax engine plug-in.

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