Labels and Texts Customization

The Advanced Localization Features SuiteApp delivers a set of default texts (for each supported language) to be used in your printed invoices or credit memos. You can access these texts under Setup > Accounting > Customize Invoice Template. Click the Labels & Text subtab and view the Default Texts column. If you want to see the default texts in different languages, you can switch between them using the Languages dropdown list.

If you have the Manage Translations permission, you can also replace the default texts with your custom texts (by inserting them to the Custom text column). Please note that for every language, you must add the custom texts separately. Once you are done adding the custom texts, click the Save button (or the Reset button to remove all your changes).


If you don’t have the Manage Translations permission, you can only view custom texts and labels, but you are not allowed to edit them. If you need to edit custom texts, ask your account administrator to grant you this permission.

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