New Fields on Subsidiary and Customer Records

The Advanced Localization Features SuiteApp adds several new fields to Subsidiary and Customer records.


These fields will only be used by the ALF Invoice or Credit Memo PDF/HTML templates (for more information, see Setting Up the Advanced Localization Features Templates.) They will not automatically work with standard templates or other custom templates.

List of Fields Added to the Subsidiary Record



Print VAT Summary in Base Currency

If you check this box, the VAT summary on the PDF printout of an invoice or a credit memo issued in foreign currency will be printed in your base currency (that is, the currency selected for this subsidiary).

Print “Bill To” on Right (For Envelope Format)

By default, the “Bill To” (customer address) section is printed on the left side of invoices or credit memos. By checking this box, you can choose to print it on the right side instead (for this subsidiary). Change this setting depending on the type of envelopes used in individual countries.

Mark Documents as Copy or Duplicate

Use this box to allow marking printed invoices and credit memos as duplicates or copies. Each time you print an invoice or credit memo after its original has already been printed, the Duplicate mark appears on it. Similarly, if you print an invoice or credit memo using the Print a PDF Copy button, the Copy mark appears on it. Leaving this box unchecked turns off this marking and hides the Print a PDF Copy button, while leaving all other functions unchanged. Box checked by default.

Print Note if There’s No Payment Discount

Use this box to add a note to be printed on your invoice if no payment discount is available for the payment. Box unchecked by default.

Hide Total Incl. VAT Column

Use this box to hide the Total incl. VAT (Gross Amount) column in the Item Detail section of printed documents created under the selected subsidiary. The value will be used as a default for newly created customers. If you need to display or hide the column on a case-by-case basis, you can also change this setting in customer or transaction records. Changing this setting on subsidiary level does not impact already created customer and transaction records. Box unchecked by default.

Invoice/Credit Memo Notes

Enter any additional notes to be printed in the memo section of the printed transaction. For example, you can highlight changes in contact or bank details or specify payment references.

Late Payment Note

Enter any notes regarding your late payment policy.

Other Legal Info

Enter any additional information to be printed on your transaction. For example, this could be the legal information of your company’s tax registration.

Managing Director

Enter the name of the managing director of your company (or subsidiary). If it is necessary to enter multiple names, separate them by commas.

Share Capital

Enter the value and the currency of your share capital (for example EUR 25 000).

SIC Code

Enter the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). This is a four-digit code to identify the industry a company belongs to.

Transaction Bank Details

Use this field to assign a Transaction Bank Details record to this subsidiary. The content of this record will be used on printed transaction forms. If required, this value can also be modified at customer or transaction level.

For more information, see Transaction Bank Details.

Default Invoice Language

Use this dropdown list to select a language that will become the default preferred language for every customer newly assigned to this subsidiary. This determines the language used on printed transaction forms.

You can view (or manually change) each customer's preferred language on the Customer record. Use the Language dropdown menu under the Preferences subtab.

Lock Invoice

Use this dropdown list to set the invoice locking level for this subsidiary. For more information, see Invoice Locking.

Company Registration Number

Use this field to enter a registration number for this subsidiary. For example, you can use the Chamber of Commerce registration number, SIRET, or HVB number.

Do not enter the VAT registration number into this field. There is a separate field for it in the system.


This field is not located under the Invoice Configuration subtab (or any other subtab). You can find it among the main subsidiary fields (such as Name or Language).

List of Fields Added to the Customer Record


By default, the content of these fields is inherited from the subsidiary that a customer is assigned to. However, you can also adjust these settings at customer level, if necessary.



Default Method of Payment

Specify the method of payment (direct debit, bank transfer, cheque, and so on) that will be used on all invoices and credit memos for this customer. Note that this setting can be modified at transaction level.

For more information, see Method of Payment.

Transaction Bank Details

Use this field to assign a Transaction Bank Details record to this customer. The content of this record will be used on printed transaction forms. If required, this value can also be modified at transaction level.

For more information, see Transaction Bank Details.

Calculating Logo Sizes

In NetSuite, you can use the Subsidiary record to select the logo image to be used on all forms by this subsidiary.

For subsidiary logos to be properly displayed on printed transactions forms, their sizes must be calculated. When you access the ALF Invoice Template Customization dashboard (Setup > Accounting > Customize Invoice Template) for the first time, you will see the notification in the upper part of the screen. Click the Calculate now link. The calculation process usually runs for several minutes. Another notification will be displayed to confirm that it has successfully finished.

Also, if you change any of the logos in your system, a similar notification will appear prompting you to recalculate the logo sizes. In this case, you will also receive an email with this information.

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